Individuals Insurance


Did you know that when you purchase auto insurance, you’re not only protecting yourself against physical damage, liability and/or bodily injury that can occur from a traffic collision, but you may also be protecting yourself financially against theft and damage to the vehicle? There are a variety of coverages including bodily injury, property damage, comprehensive and collision insurance but the most important thing to remember when purchasing this type of insurance, is to ensure that you have enough coverage to meet state requirements and your needs in the event of an accident. Our policies are tailored to meet your individual needs.


Homeowners insurance protects your property against loss occurring from fire, theft, vandalism and a variety of other potential claims. This coverage offers various personal insurance protection including the contents of your home, loss of use, etc. Additional coverages include personal liability protection, guest medical coverage, etc. Additional Living Expenses is offered when your home is rendered unlivable due to a covered loss, and Liability, which protects you if someone is accidentally injured or has his/her property damaged while on your premises.


Did you know that the condo insurance included in your association dues does not cover your furniture, electronics or fixtures such as cabinets, mirrors, light fixtures, window treatments, and flooring? The insurance included in your dues only covers the building that you live in — making you responsible for everything from the drywall finish to everything inside the unit. For this reason, it is important to obtain this type of coverage when purchasing a condo.


If you live in a flood prone or moderate risk area, flood insurance is essential. It covers direct physical losses caused by flooding as well as losses resulting from flood-related catastrophes. Coverage is provided for flood damage to the building itself. Additional coverage for your contents is also available. If you are purchasing a home in a moderate-to-high risk area, and it is being financed by a bank, your lender will require proof of insurance before closing. If you are not in a flood zone, a preferred flood insurance policy is recommended and may be purchased at minimum costs.


If you are renting – whether it’s a single family home, condo, or apartment – you can’t afford to be without renters insurance. This is your protection when disasters like storms, pipe bursts, fire, and even theft occur. It covers your personal belongings and – depending on the type of coverage you purchase – provides liability coverage for injury or damage caused to another person and their property while visiting you. Even if you are living as a roommate in someone else’s property, you can purchase a policy to protect your belongings. Renters insurance is a minimal investment that can save you a lot of money.


As a boat owner, you can’t afford to be on the water without a boat and a personal watercraft policy. Very much like an auto insurance policy, a boat policy protects you in a variety of ways. Coverages include:

  • physical damage coverage, which protects you in the event of a collision with another boat or a submerged object.
  • Liability coverage, which offers coverage for bodily injury or damage to the property of others
  • Personal property coverage, which protects your personal belongings such as electronics, cameras, clothing and other items.
  • Towing Assistance coverage, which provides gas delivery and transportation to a repair facility in times of emergency.

Depending on your policy, fuel spillage may even be covered.


Motorcycle insurance protects you and your passengers against physical damage and/or bodily injury in the event of a collision. It also provides protection from any liability that may occur. Types of coverage include bodily injury, property damage, comprehensive and collision. If you own a motorcycle, you can’t afford to be on the road without this coverage.


Did you know that you can cover a variety of vehicles under an RV insurance policy? From Motor coaches, Class A, B, & C motor homes, campers and camper vans to travel trailers, pop-ups, toy haulers and fifth wheels, an RV policy will provide you with the protection you need to enjoy your vacations.


A Personal Article Floater provides coverage on particular classes of valuable personal possessions, such as jewelry, fine art, jewelry, cameras, golf equipment, musical instruments, silverware, stamp and coin collections and antiques. Please note: A standard homeowner’s policy only offers coverage up to $1,000 per individual item. Appraisals and or receipts are necessary to provide property coverage.


Umbrella insurance is liability coverage which provides coverage over and above the limits of your regular policy. The term “umbrella” is used because it covers liability claims from all policies underneath it, such as auto insurance and homeowner insurance policies. Depending on the coverage you purchase, umbrella insurance can also provide coverage for claims which may be normally excluded by your regular policy. This type of policy is normally sold in increments of one million dollars. For example, if your auto policy has liability limits of $500,000, then with a million dollar umbrella, your limits become $1,500,000 on an auto liability claim.